Toyota Solara Timing Belt Or Timing Chain (1999 - 2008)

From the model year 1999 to 2008, the Toyota Solara has various engines with either a timing belt or a timing chain. It also has both interference and non-interference engines.

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The timing belt (or chain) maintains the proper synchronization between the various engine components in a combustion engine.

If the belt or chain stretches or breaks, it can lead to catastrophic engine damage.

Timing belts have a recommended replacement interval, while timing chains are generally rated for the engines lifetime, although they need to be inspected occasionally.

Toyota Solara Timing Belt Or Chain (1999 - 2008)
YearEngineBelt Or ChainInterferenceService Interval
20082.4L 4 Cyl.timing chaininterferencelifetime
20083.3L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20072.4L 4 Cyl.timing chaininterferencelifetime
20073.3L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20062.4L 4 Cyl.timing chaininterferencelifetime
20063.3L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20052.4L 4 Cyl.timing chaininterferencelifetime
20053.3L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20042.4L 4 Cyl.timing chaininterferencelifetime
20043.3L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20032.4L 4 Cyl.timing chaininterferencelifetime
20033.0L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20022.4L 4 Cyl.timing chaininterferencelifetime
20023.0L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20012.2L 4 Cyl.timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20013.0L V6timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20002.2L 4 Cyl.timing beltnon-interference100k miles
20003.0L V6timing beltnon-interference90k miles
19992.2L 4 Cyl.timing beltnon-interference100k miles
19993.0L V6timing beltnon-interference90k miles is a website designed to quickly find the timing belt (or chain) information for your vehicle.

Understanding the timing system in your vehicle or a possible purchase can save you money and headaches in the long run.

When in doubt, always consult with a professional mechanic.

Also, you can consult the vehicle's owner's manual.